Shubhakshat Biscuits

Tea times are incomplete without a pack of biscuits. Your tea time buddies are these low fats and zero cholesterol cookies, as with today’s lifestyle packets per day with more. By slipping a Marie Gold into a boiling hot cup of tea, a special moment of vitality is savoured.

Shubhakshat BISCUITS 2
Shubhakshat BISCUITS 1

Every day, we bake happily, ensuring that only the highest performing materials are churned, day in and day out. The company’s interest lies in tradition, using only the finest ingredients to produce the tastiest products we can. In addition, we supply the grain for our products from one of the company’s best mills, guaranteeing that we have a consistent and guaranteed supplier of superior grain during the year. In addition , the latest baking innovations at our disposal ensure accuracy and protection. Such a blend of tradition and technology leads to the production of Shubhakshat’s quality products